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Medical Full HD Endoscope Camera SY-GW1000C-T

Medical Full HD Endoscope Camera

Medical cameras Medical endoscopic camera modules are widely used in industrial and medical endoscopic camera and other fields. Medical cameras for endoscopic camera modules are all-vision optics, which is professionally produced and manufactured with irreplaceable quality.Medical HD Endoscope Camera Manufacturer Shanghai Shiyin Company is a manufacturer of endoscope equipment and imaging equipment.

Medical Full HD Endoscope Camera introduction

1.The original import chip, digital signal.

2.The resolution of endoscope camera is up to 1200 lines,good stereoscopic,automatic backlight to avoid reflective and good stability.

3.Automatic white balance,reduce the difficulty of operators.


5.Extinction speed is less than 0.1s.

6.Camera head waterproof: IPX8,to prevent water from entering the camera head during the surgery.

7.Two buttons on the camera head,F:Freeze,W:White balance.

8.Special anti-jamming processing,effectively handle the disturbing voltage produced by electrosurgical unit,avoiding influencing surgery images.