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Portable CCD Endoscopy unit

Portable CCD Endoscopy unit

Improve the convenience of clinical use of medical endoscopes, and solve the problem that the image processor and auxiliary system with traditional eyepiece endoscopes are too large and inconvenient to move. Method Through the imaging principle of CCD, the optical in the endoscope eyepiece The image is converted into a digital signal, and the digital signal is transmitted to the TFT LCD screen through wireless or wired transmission, and the image in the eyepiece is restored.


Pure color temperature: ≥6500K, pure light-emitting color, no stray light, imported key components: imported medical-grade LED light-emitting components, strong stability and strong shock resistance.

1. Pure color temperature: ≥6500K, pure luminous color, no stray light
2. Imported key components: Imported medical-grade LED light-emitting components are used, with strong stability and strong shock resistance.
3. Long life: LED light-emitting life is as long as 20,000-40,000 hours, no need to replace the bulb frequently, saving the cost of use, avoiding the bulb not lighting during the operation, affecting the progress of the operation, and ensuring the quality and safety of the operation.
4. High illuminance: 1,900,000 LX illuminance, strong permeability, good color rendering, and strong three-dimensional visual field of operation.
5. Good capacitance: The light-guiding speed interface is internationally accepted and can be connected to most brands such as STORZ, OLYMPUS, WOLF, etc.