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LED Cold Light Source SY-GW800L-N

LED Cold Light Source

1. Imported key component:adopted imported medical LED,Strong stability,Good anti-seismic property.

2. Long service life:working time more than 20 thousand -40 thousand hours,minimizing the need to replace the bulb,cost saving.

3. Colour temperature purity:Natural light 6500K, no stray lights.

4. High brightness: great transparency,Excellent color rendering,great three –dimensional sense of the surgery.

5. Good compatibility:International standard light guide cable,like Storz,Olympus,Wolf etc.



Specifications                                  Parameters
Input Power                                     50VA
Power supply                                  AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Light source                                    Led light
Effective optical power                  ≥100mW
Brightness (Lux)                             ≥490000lx
Color temperature                         ≥6500K
Noise                                             ≤55dB(A)
Surface temperatures                ≤60℃
Flat thermal of light source      ≤80℃
Working environment                 5℃ ~40℃

Atmospheric power                     860hPa~1060hPa
Machine power                           50VA
Host fuse                                     T2AL 250V AC
Light power                                 ≥100mW
Light out                                       (Diameter)(10±0.10)mm

Shanghai Shiyin Photoelectric Instrument Co.,Ltd is a medical industry company on R&D, producing and sale. Our principle business includes all kinds of medical endoscope ccd & HD camera 1080P, LED cold light source, monitor, trolley, endoscope workstation etc. Mainly used for ENT, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, arthroscopy, urology etc. What's more, we also supply custom-made service of medical instrument to fulfill demands of customer. Apart from this, we have remote control system to help you salve problems.